Let us now honor Lew Bryson on the day of his nativity by posting several photographs in which Lew Bryson appears.

Since I think it’s kind of cheesy, I avoid for the most part posting photos in which I appear unless one has  a particular point to make, but am making an exception in order to celebrate the Big Guy’s birthday.

The photo above and those below  are all from yesterday’s Beer Bloggers Brunch at Victory (that’s the whole gang  save one up above with Bill Covaleski in the center)  and which were taken with the camera of Amy Strauss, culinary editorial director of The Town Dish, a network of foodie websites in the western ‘burbs.  Since she appears in all of them, she was not the photographer but earns full Liquid Diet cred and appreciation for passing them along.

Attendees were (I’m not going to try and ID everyone specifically above because I will surely screw it up):  Strauss, Mary Bigham (who took the photo), Ryan Hudak of In Search of Beer, Jim Galligan (and wife) of Beer & Whiskey Brothers, Cam Markworth and wife/photographer Lindsey of Drink Philly, Ethan Sterner of Philly Beer Snob, Bryson and Your Humble Reporter.

Ryan, Bill, me and Amy behind Lew; you cannot see directly the ancient Chinese nerve pinch I am applying to his neck but his scream of pain is fairly evident.

It was never quite clear if this picture was planned or not, but it is my favorite of the day. The mystery gal is Mary, who had avoided the camera until now. I assume Bill took it.

One final note about Headwaters Pale Ale that slipped my mind when I posted late yesterday afternoon. I brought one of the last bottles from table home with me (along with a growler of Dark Lager) and that was the beer I drank while composing that original post shortly after 3pm as my part of the worldwide final toast to the memory of Don Younger. It seemed just right, a new beer symbolically hoisted to a departed friend.

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