What Others Are Saying.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening at some of our favorite other local blog sites on this warm July Monday because otherwise I got nuttin’: The Other Me: He has posted a roundup of some interesting recent news and opinion around the beer world over at The Beer Yard side. Turns out that wine isn’t more popular than beer in the U.S. no matter how the establishment tries to convince us that it is, and the big winner in the A-B/InBev deal is… Well, go read. America’s Most Beloved Beer Writer (© Liquid Diet – the Blog, 2008 ): Our pal Lew is so busy these days he doesn’t have time to blog. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget us simple folk when he’s all rich and sheltered. We deserve a party on the estate. Bryan, the Beer Lounger: He’s suffering from a serious case of Bike Envy, wishing he was out there on the road with the few, the brave, the apparently unemployed. In Pursuit of Suzanne: Left to her own devices with Lance on the Road (see “the few, the brave etc.” above), she’s been reduced to watching cooking shows. Joe Sixpack, Journalist: Out there with Lance and the gang, hair blowing in the wind. Well, okay, it’s all packed and tangled under a helmet, I’m trying to create an image here. Dan, Dan, the Blogging Man: Apparently trapped forever on the second day of his long-past, mostly-forgotten Belgian adventure or maybe pimping out his favorite bartender. It’s not entirely clear. Is it ever? The Silence of the Lame: Sadly, there currently isn’t any hilarious hilarity going on over here, not even the standard “what are your favorite 14 beers from X brewery, in alphabetical order please and with detailed notes” thread into which someone always leaps to inform one and all that he hasn’t been to X brewery in a Real Long Time and has to get there soon. No wonder I’m bored.

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