The Standard, Having Been Set, Will Return.

I was enticed over to Sly Fox Royersford late yesterday afternoon with the promise of beer. All I needed and off I went as soon as I hung up the phone.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. I can be had.

As promised, I got to enjoy a pint of the brand-new Schwarzbier (superb), another of Rauchbier (a personal favorite) and a smaller glass of the just-released Oktoberfest 2008.

You might think all that would be the story of the afternoon. But it to laugh. That motorcycling guy William Reed (Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s) was also in the house. Always good to see William, of course.

But that wasn’t the bestest of the best yesterday either.

What William said was.

As I was on my second pint at the bar, William leaned across me and said to reigning brewmaster-to-the-stars Brian O’Reilly:

“Okay, let’s brew Standard Ale again.”


As you might imagine, I will be all over the two of them to get this done as soon as is practical. I do it all for you…and because Standard Ale is the best beer I’ve had this year and I want more.

Lots more.

(For those who came in late, Standard Ale is a collaborative brew between Brian and William, a cask-conditioned ale created especially for Philly Beer Week last March. It is Not To Be Missed.)

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