P.S. (Twice).

1. When talking to William Reed of Standard Tap at Sly Fox Phoenixville on Monday I discovered that I missed a very important beer-centric Best of Philly Award from Philadelphia Magazine in this earlier post. Ron Johnson, the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night bartender at The Tap was voted Best Bartender 2008. Hey, you can win the award on a three-day a week gig, you’re Good. Apologies to Ron.

2. In this post on Sunday, the part wherein I call attention to the story in Mid-Atlantic Brewing News about Maia!, I meant to note that among all the good stuff sommelier and cicerone (I decided in the last 24 hours that I am embracing that term from this point forward because the folks who help turn the world onto good beer deserve their own title, dammit) Melissa Molonoff had to say about beer was giving some credit where credit is due and citing The Beer Yard’s Matt Guyer as her guru in planning the beer list. Matt does a lot of this sort of thing behind the scenes (you’d be surprised by the people who call him for guidance, not all of them bar and restaurant owners) and it’s nice that he gets some love now and them. No apologies to him, though, ’cause….well, just ’cause.

And not quite a P.S.–more of a public service for the preverted: For those of you wondering whatever became of my pal Carl in his wanderings and who also caught old John McCain offering up his wife to a bunch of bikers for a topless/sometime bottomless beauty contest in South Dakota on last night’s evening news, word arrived this morning via email that he is right on top of things:

Saw the Straight Talk express rolling down the highway early this morning as I left Wall, SD (Where the hell is Wall Drug?) on my way to Sturgis and the big Bike Rally (World’s Largest).

I suspect that some of you will take that as reason to check out his photographic record of his travels for the first time in the hopes that it’s about to become no longer family friendly.  It’s here. Knock yourselves out.

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