I May Not Get There, But Look Where I Could Go.

The odds are good that those you who plan your weekends around accidentally running into Kindly Old Mr. Curtin (you know who you are) are in for a disappointment this time around. At present, my car is in the shop and it’s not clear if I’ll get it back before Monday.

Yesterday, after I had stopped at a Main Line WaWa to get some cash from an ATM, the car started up again with a real sputter and seemed unwilling to move without the engine dying out. The smart thing to do was just stop there in the parking lot and consider the options; the guy thing to do was to cajole it out onto the street to see if getting moving and revving up the RPMs would solve the issue. I’m a guy.

I got onto the street and across two lanes of traffic whereupon the car stalled out completely (Matt Guyer says all this is because the car was in shock after sensing money in my pocket, bu the way). It wouldn’t start, wouldn’t move. Finally, a guy stopped and we pushed it to the side of the road. I tried again. No go. I tried calling my automotive service for a tow. Line busy. I tried calling the Beer Yard, where I was bound. No answer.

All this dithering turned out to be a good thing.

I tried to start the car again because I had nothing else to do and damned it it didn’t turn over right away, sputter a bit, and then begin running smoothly. At that point, the dreaded Check Engine light came on and stayed on. Yes, I know that this light is mostly likely programmed at the factory to come on now and again so that they can drain some money from the owner’s pocket by having him bring it in for a checkup, but given the initial issue, I figure better be safe than stranded. I drove home after finishing up at the BY and this morning took the car down the hill and around the bend to my local mechanic guy.

And now we shall see what we shall see.

If I were able to get out and about, aside from a commitment Saturday evening and another Sunday afternoon, I’d be most likely to visit one or both of my regular drinking spots of late.

At Sly Fox, as I’ve been touting all week, there is a grand new Schwarzbier, an equally grand new Saison Brune, the very fine 2008 Oktoberfest and the latest iteration of Rauchbier all just tapped. I am told that the new batch of Pete’s Peerless Ale is right tasty as well and I have enjoyed a few pints of the also relatively recently tapped Pub Ale.

Meanwhile, although he doesn’t say when or if they’re on, an email from the Inevitable Ruch tempts me to spent more gasoline money, were I able, to head out to Victory, where, he says, the following will soon appear if they have not already: Blond Pale Ale (made with Simcoe hops), a new Braumeister (Keller) Pils made with  Sapphire hops)  and a Smoked Weisenbock. And here’s the thing: were I drive out there, were I able to drive, and none of those was yet tapped but the world-class Kolsch is still on, there would not be even the tiniest complaint from my lips.

Based on a quick count of the online On Tap Lists at both places, there are another two dozen-plus great beers also available at these brewpubs right now. I’d guess at least another dozen or more between the Iron Hill brewpubs in Phoenixville and West Chester. Those six pubs are all 45 minutes or less away from my house, most of them under half an hour. Within that same range are some great beer bars, notably Union Jack’s on the Manatawny, Drafting Room Exton, Ortino’s Northside, Ron’s Original, Teresa’s Next Door, TJ’s Cafe and the Flying Pig Saloon.

I may not live in beer heaven, but I’m certainly close enough to hum along with the choir.

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