Where have all the flowers gone?

Why to the Philadelphia International Flower Show, of course.

Okay, make that “going” instead of “gone” since the doors haven’t opened yet (that happens this Saturday). Why should you care? Because this year we (i.e., the local beer community) have a player in the game.

This just in from Philadelphia Brewing’s Nancy Barton:

Spring is almost here!  The Fleur de Lehigh made its 2011 debut this week and the Philadelphia International Flower Show is just around the corner.  To celebrate we entered the Flower Show Window Display Contest with Greensgrow Farms. Now we need you guys to vote for us! Our display will be up until the middle of March so stop by on a Saturday for a tour and take a look at them.

This link might (I say, might) take you directly to the PBC display; if not, use this one and clock over to page 4. They’re in the last grouping at the bottom of the page.

Vote early, vote often. You know the drill.

As for the Fleur do Lehigh, you probably be drinking it. Good stuff and a definite harbinger of Spring.

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