Seasonal beers now #1 among craft beer consumers. Is that a good thing…or a sign of trouble?

Word from the Brewers Association just now that

…seasonal release beers are the number one selling craft beer style even having surpassed pale ales.

which is surely interesting and, at first glance, a Good Thing. Consumers want something new and different…

However, I cannot get out of my mind the image of a horde of BeerAdvocates ravaging the land looking for the Next Big Thing .

How does craft brewing survive and grow if its focus is short-term releases which are popular (I would argue) for the very reason that they are short-term?

I know the appeal of rare beers, but that is clearly not a paradigm for success.

My immediate reaction is that, if what draws people to your local beer bar and/or brewpub is not the ongoing roster of beers, we have a serious problem developing for the long run.

Am I wrong about this? Let me know.

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