LIVE! From Phoenixville & Royersford…this is Sly Fox Ver. 2.0!, Version 2.0, went live earlier this morning, followed by the August Issue of the Sly Fox Newsletter just now.

This baby was a bitch. I hope you all find it worth it.

At one point yesterday, Todd Palmer and the gang at Virtual Farm had five people working on this one project, just because they wanted to get it done and they wanted to get it done right. And that’s why anybody reading this who needs a design firm ought to keep them in mind.

All throughout the last few days and especially yesterday, Todd would email me the latest updates and/or a URL to which I could FTP and download pages with which I could tinker.  I’d do so and change stuff and then either upload the changes or email him back. Nearly always, I’d soon email again with another new thought or request, and he’d come back with…

Well, you get the idea. We’re still talking, so that’s good, and I think we determined at some point that he owes me a beer, which is even gooder.

Yeoman-like work on all this was also done–but not since the weekend which shows you what having your second child will do to a guy–by Brewer Operations Manager Tim Ohst, a guy with a vigilant eye for things that aren’t quite right (like about every other word I type some days).

Go check things out and look for the Newsletter in your email if you’re a subscriber. And feel free to leave comments and/or vicious attacks on the site in the Comments here.

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