Time in a bottle (or, if you prefer, a can).

As an old science-fiction type, I am fascinated by the whole concept of time travel. And since I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the topic in its many manifestations of late, it was only a matter of a time before all that deep thinking had its impact here.

So let’s play a game.

You are able to travel back in time (not forward into the future; if time is malleable enough that we can go back and impact it, the the future can never exist beyond the point in which we exist) under one of two very different conditions:

a) You may travel back to any point within the span of your life and see all that happened then and there, but you will be  an intangible presence, unable to be seen or heard or affect things in any fashion. You will only be  an observer, not a participant because two of you existing in the world at the same time would be Way Too Much You (not to mention creating a paradox which could result in the End of Everything) ;

b) or, you can travel backwards to any point before your birth, before you existed, and become a participant in the events you have chosen to visit, understanding that if you in any way affect things so that they differ dramatically from what we already know, those changes will reverberate through time and be noticeable here and now when you return.

You may choose one path or the other,  (no double-dipping, in other words) but the final stipulation is that  event you choose to visit is restricted to the history of…


What, you forgot this was a beer blog?

So you could return to the late 60’s, for example, and–depending on your age–watch silently as Fritz Maytag saves the Anchor Brewery and shed a tear or joy for what he started or introduce yourself and maybe convince Fritz to replace the original Anchor with a Double Triple California Common and kick-start the whole extreme beer thing nearly four decades earlier (or kill it in its crib).

You can have a chance either to see, or influence, some seminal moment in beer history. In the latter instance, what you achieve will somehow change the modern day history of craft beer, for good or ill, minutely or massively. Would you dare?

It has been the experience of this blog that efforts to entice visitor participation are something of a crap shoot and more likely to fail than succeed, not to mention that a Saturday night (especially one during which we lose an hour) is not exactly a  time when a lot of folks are paying attention. I also know that, no matter what I say, some will choose to participate only on Facebook and thus remove themselves from any resultant conversation here. Them’s the risks.

Nonetheless, I herewith take an optimistic leap into the future once again.

Will you take an imagined one into the past?

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