When bad things happen to a good guy. [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Spanky’s long-suffering wife, Leigh Maida, tells me that things aren’t too bad (note that it appears the accident was somewhat earlier than I speculate below):

“He’s in top form. like a cat with 900 lives. Thanks for asking. He’s got a broken collar bone and a rib or two, but is up and here at work for a little while. he gets the staples out of his head tomorrow (they’re gross) he’s pretty good tho. fast healer. it was scary the night of the accident.”

Original Post:

According to posts at Seen Through a Glass yesterday, Brendan “Spanky” Hartranft, the main man at Memphis Taproom, was seriously banged up when he was hit by a car while on his bike in center city, near the original Tria location. I assume this happened the day before but it could have been early yesterday.

I just learned of this within the last few minutes when I discovered a message on my cell phone from Lew, who was trying to find out himself, since all he had at that point was the initial message at his site. Only god and AT&T know why I didn’t get it first time around since I was in the car driving back from Victory when the call came in, with the phone in my pocket.

Sounds like Spanky is going to be in a lot of pain for a while but is essentially okay (a broken collarbone is apparently the major injury), but this is a terrible thing obviously, especially  just as the Mystery Beer Weekend event is about to launch. Damn.

Best wishes, pal.

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