Mr. Weirback begs to differ.

Here’s Dan, in an almost immediate response to my last post:

Thanks for the post on our IPA project. Despite what Lew or any other organization says, we at Weyerbacher continue to believe that the reality of the situation is that 6% or so is considered a session beer. We feel this is what most craft beer drinkers think. The idea of 4.5 or 5% being a session beer is a dinosaur leftover from prehistoric (pre-craft brew movement) times. Although we have the greatest respect and warm feelings for Lew, we could not agree less on this point.

Furthermore ( you knew there’d be one, dint ya?) we never said in our release this beer would be 4.5%. Our target is anywhere between 5 and 6%. I think its high time to retire that old chestnut about sessions being in the 4?s. What does everyone else think?

Good question. Can we maybe develop a consensus of sorts? Is Dan a crazed lunatic? Is Lew an old fogey? Could both things be true?

I await vox populi. Not to mention the rest of you.

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