A West Coast brewer sends Philly his daughter and, soon, his beer.

Pete Ricks of Beer Valley Brewing Campany (Ontario, Oregon) was in town this past week. Before moving on to honest work, he did some writing for Celebrator Beer News and beloved editor Tom Dalldorf put us in touch a while back. Unfortunately, he was here only three days and spent most of that time enrolling his daughter at the University of Pennsylvania (on a full academic scholarship!) and we didn’t get a chance to talk until Thursday evening when he called, so we never got together for the beer we’d planned. That’ll happen, though, next time he comes to town.

Oh, he did one other kinda important thing Thursday afternoon. Pete had asked me during our email exchanges for a good wholesaler for a small micro such as his for this market and I put him in contact with Jordan Fetfatzes at Bella Vista (with Jordan’s permission) and apparently things went well. Pete, who was unaware of Philadelphia’s extraordinary beer culture and was overwhelmed by it all, was also blown away by the new BV facility which will open October 5 when they talked on Thursday.

They tasted some Beer Valley beers, of course, and Pete left behind four bottles of his popular Black Flag Imperial Stout and told me Thursday night that he asked Jordan to earmark one for me. I guess I’m buying when we finally sit down together over a couple of pints.

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