In the end, he turned out to be only a… Wait. What? Really?

This is a post which will be incomprehensible to most of you and for that I apologize. It needs must be done because it will be of significance  to those who were here at the beginning, back when the whole idea of wasting our time writing about beer was itself incomprehensible, if only to provide closure. Those who lived the dream should know how it all turned out.

Much of the posting in those long-gone days had to do with the adventures of a most motley crew, local folk who were both early advocates of good beer and, well, quite strange. Among the most memorable of that valiant crew, the few and the brave, was Big Dan, one-half of the team honored as The Big One & The Other One (Dan was big and Dan, the other one was neither; it worked for them).

As time moves on, we all compromise where and when we must in order to make it through the night, and we are left with the world we have created and what we have become.

Tonight the internets are aflame with the almost unbelievable news that Big Dan has reinvented himself as–there is no polite way to say this–a Cuddle Monster.

We weep for what might have been, for the death of a dream and the fading memories of a time when men were men (or, at very least, the Other One) .

The light fades into darkness and we are most afraid.

Given the circumstances, we wonder what rough Pookie, her hour come round at last, slouches toward Kepler Mountain to wreak her final vengeance?

No matter. In the end, we all get what we deserve.

That’s how it works.

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