Oktoberfest, FallFest…maybe some nice Rockabilly would make the day complete.

So it’s next Saturday and you’ve had a fine afternoon at the new Philly Oktoberfest or the old favorite Victory FallFest, or maybe both, depending on your youth, enthusiasm and level of sanity. Comes to that, maybe you even squeezed in a visit to TJ’s Restaurant and Drinkery for their Oktoberfest bash (definitely youth is the operative factor if that the case; enthusiasm and insanity will only carry you so far).

And yet, and yet…

As the cool autumn evening descends, you still want more. You still need more. Something calmer, something different. No need to babble on with fellow beer geeks about this or that attribute of this or that beer which only you few blessed souls can detect any longer; perhaps it’s time to pay some attention to your loyal spouse who has been following along in your wake, wondering why he or she ever married you in the first place. Yeah, something with a touch of romance might be good.

Has David April got a deal for you:

Please join me at The Institute Bar on Saturday, September 27 from 8-11 PM. I’ll be spinning some tunes from my long running radio show The Roots of Rhythm & Blues including some old school r&b, soul, and rockabilly. This is my first gig in the city in a long time and I could really use your support. The Institute is a great new tavern with an outstanding beer selection. Owners Heather and Charlie Collazo have done a wonderful job with the place and have even more plans to make it a top beer and music hang out. The Institute is located at 549 N 12th & Green Streets, one block North from Spring Garden.

I have the enthusiasm, definitely, but likely neither the stamina nor craziness to make it, but it sure sounds like a nice way to end the day.

Don’t stay out too late though. Sippin’ by the River is the next day.

And hey. The Nation’s Best Beer-Drinking City.

Pass it on.

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