I have been debunked, deflated, defenestrated and damned near disappeared.

Once more we turn our lonely eyes to the monthly Wikio listing of the Top Beer Blogs. I’d planned not to visit this topic again, but since I did so when my ratings were relatively high, it seems only right that I report when they have plummeted like the proverbial stone.

For the May listings, Liquid Diet appears in the 33rd spot (you’ll have to click through to the second page to find it), a drop of 12 positions which might well be the largest in the history of the list. Then again, as I noted last time, when it was already obvious how things were trending, the standards for these rankings are, well, odd. That’s not meant to demean them or said defensively, but I am amused that, as was the case then, this site precipitous  decline came during a period of  record highs for visits, views and all that other stuff which would seem better measures of impact and importance.

The beer gods weren’t satisfied with just slapping me around in the rankings, either. I joked in the comments back then that “Bryan [Kolesar] does keep linking to me and maybe that’s dragging me down.” Well, lo and behold, there’s The Brew Lounge at #29 this month, five positions above LD, making its first appearance on the list. Of course,  my  link here will probably drag him down in the next rankings.

I take some satisfaction that at least I set what appears to be a record. Still, I also feel like the guy being run out of town on a rail in the famous joke told by Abraham Lincoln: “If it weren’t for the honor of it, I’d just as soon pass.”

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