Vox Populi.*

Usually I go to BeerAdvocate when I’m looking for a thread to fill my need for some hilarious hilarity among the beer folk, but this thread on the Northern Liberties Community Forum will more than fill the bill today.

It was forwarded to me by Standard Tap co-owner William Reed with the comment that I might “like” it, which is to say, be amused. I was indeed.

Standard Tap and its decision to carry Sam Adams is the topic of the misinformed back-and-forth. William has a long  reasoned response to it all at the end of the thread (as it is now posted, other comments may since have been added).

“Reasoned” is usually not good in these situations, by the way, as it tends to confuse the confusable more often than not.  It also doesn’t work with some vice-presidential candidates….but that’s a topic for another blog.



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