The day that wasn’t. [UPDATED 8 Oct 08]

Early last weekend, yesterday was shaping up to be some kind of day for the beer geek inside me.

Both The Tiedhouse and Earth, Bread & Brewery held  private press ‘n’ friends soft openings last night. It was possible, at least in theory, to attend both; certainly attending one was highly desirable (although I admit the political geek who wars with that beer geek part of my personality wondered about missing the–dreadful, as it turned out–Presidential debate).

It is worth noting, I think, that these two long-awaited entities seem to be on so similar a track all of a sudden–both will open the doors to othe public at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon–that one wonders if there is some sort of convergence in the stars which forebodes some yet unforeseen relationship. One has to be a bit strange to wonder such matters, admittedly, but strange is sorta why a lot of you come here, innit?

In the end, the decision was made for me when I received an email late Saturday night informing me that my father-in-law had died and the funeral and reception were to be held late afternoon and evening on Tuesday.

And if that weren’t enough, on Monday morning, my car decided not to start any more. It had given me a warning last Saturday (in exactly the same parking lot outside my bank by coincidence) but then started after sitting a while. I tempted the fates by driving to Kennett Square for the beer fest that day and then again on Sunday by carting Big Dan to the train with me to go down to the city for the Bella Vista event and made it through unscathed, so I guess you could say I was either luckily unlucky or unluckily lucky, depending on your world view.

So, while I managed to get to the more serious event with my daughter, I have not yet been to either Tiedhouse or EB&B. My tentative plan is to try and round up a couple of the Usual Suspects and hit at least one of them this weekend, working round the live streaming online of the GABF results late Saturday and the Eagles game late Sunday, but we shall have to wait and see how it all goes.

America’s Most Beloved Beer Writer (© Liquid Diet – the Blog, 2008 ), a man who doesn’t play by the rules, forced his way into EB&B a day early and there are some impressions and photos on his website, and Mr. Sixpack, a stickler for the rules, waited until he was invited and stopped by there last night and posted his report on his website, so you have those at least.

Maybe I can beat ’em both to the Tiedhouse, maybe not, but for now my website has only this boring lament because Tuesday turned out to be, beer-wise, the day that wasn’t.

What’s the old saying? Life happens while you’re making other plans.

UPDATE: I still may beat Lew and or Joe to The Tiedhouse but The Beer Lass has beaten us all there. She reiterates the beer list I published earlier this week, notes some of the intriguing food items and has photos. What a gal!

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