Don’t tug on Superman’s cape…

…and don’t tick off Iron Hill by giving them but a single medal, as the GABF judges did last year.

The local chain won four Golds, a Silver and a Bronze this afternoon which is pretty much the best “in your face” I’ve see in a while.

All those were credited to Delaware in the GABF system but some, most I believe, were surely brewed in Pennsylvania. I’ll get all that sorted out and posted over at the Beer Yard tomorrow or Monday.

For a while there, it looked like Dogfish Head would beat out Iron Hill as Delaware’s top annual medal winner, as they took the first three medals won by Philadelphia area breweries, one of each, Gold, Silver and Bronze, before the IH gang came roaring back.

Other local Golds went to Ric Hoffman of Stewart’s and Brian O’Reilly of Sly Fox. Flying Fish and Nodding Head won  Silvers; Bronzes were earned by Troegs (2), Allentown/Bethlehem Brew Works and Victory.

My impressions are the East Coast did better than in recent years and that such betterness was centered right here in the Delaware Valley. I know Ithaca took a couple of medals for New York and Clipper City, Flying Dog (at least two) and Rock Bottom for Maryland.

It was a fun afternoon watching the awards streaming live, especially once I figured out how to get audio working.

Now it’s time for a beer.

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