At last, another holy grail to make life worth living again.

Here’s a tidbit from the latest Shelton Brothers email newsletter that will make some of your little hearts leap with joy and send that old tingle down many a leg….

We’ve been spending time in New Zealand searching out the best beers for the past three years.  This shipment comes from just two breweries…but we’ve got a couple of surprises that the beer hunters out there will be giddy about tracking down.   Some of you may have seen it on TV, and now we have a super small amount for you: Epic/DFH Portamarillo.  This beer uses a unique fruit called a tamarillo.  The tamarillos are roasted on a grill which gives the beer a slight smokey character.  Armageddon, Mayhem, Lager, and Pale Ale are also back from Epic.

Yes, straight from the Brew Masters TV series, the one DFH beer you never ever figured to get your hands on. That “super small” reference alone should convince you this is one you gotta be the first to rave about on BA and/or RateBeer.

Start your engines and begin frothing. I’d suggest you immediately start calling your favorite beer retailer daily and asking if it’s in.

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