A few personal matters…

…as we wait for the election results.

It took me over three hours to vote today, mostly because I stupidly went to the wrong polling place (don’t ask!) and stood in a long A-L for almost two hours (the M-Z line was much faster and zipping right along, marking the first time I ever wished my name was “Rubeo” or even “Ruch”–okay, not “Ruch”) until I got to the table and my Duh! moment. Fortunately, things went a lot faster at my real polling place, where the A-L was the one to be in.

The only positive story I’ve heard about SEPTA (SouthEastern Transit Authority on the day of the Phillies World Series parade involved my son-in-law and two oldest grandsons. Two milion or more people crowded into center city for the parade and as many as a million more were stuck at train stations as the overloaded system filled every train it had and could not stop. The subway from center city to the stadium area was apparently like a scene from the Inferno. Son-in-law Tom and the kids, though, went to his office around 10am, hooked up with another guy and his kids, drove to the Wayne station and, finding it crowded, went further up the line to the smaller Gulph Mills station (both of these located on the famed Main Line). There, they illegally parked (no ticket), bought tickets and boarded a just-arriving train, the last ones to get one before it sped through the rest of the stations and into center city. They were there in plenty of time, the kids got right up front along the street and they saw the whole parade. The train back out was just as easy and they were home in time to see all the speeches and celebration in the stadium where the parade ended.

My daughter is not happy with Chase Utley and his dirty mouth, however. I have to assume that stick-in-the-mud attitude comes from her mother.

An odd side effect of my recent hospitalization is that my taste buds seem enhanced. Maybe it’s just because I spent so much time not tasting anything, but the bitterness in the growler of Sly Fox Keller Pils I drank this weekend and the spicy hop character of the varietal Amarillo IPA I sampled, and the malty richness of a bottle or two of Troegenator I’ve had, all seemed stronger, cleaner, more delicious.

Another unexpected side effect is that the leg pain I’ve had for two years now seems to have gone away. I’ve been taking two aspirin morning and night for most of that stretch to take away the pain and allow me not awaken in the night with an intense pain in some or all my left toes, all the result of a pinched nerve. Since I was off that regime in the hospital and the doctor who did the appendectomy suggested I might want to re-explore getting a steroid shot (something I had previously rejected), I decided to go off the aspirin entirely on my return. So far, about a week in, no pain at all. And the long stand in the polling lines today didn’t result in any pain either, something that used to occur even when I was taking the aspirin. Very strange, but I’m not complaining.

Have they called the election yet?

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