A big thank you…plus a change in the manner in which I embarass myself by asking for money.

IN addition to the shout-out I gave to Tom Stiegelmann, I want to once again express my deep gratitude to everyone who sent me their best wishes and especially those who generously “tipped the bartender” as a result of this posting, including one very kind snail mail of a brewpub gift card to which I will put good use.

It is both demeaning and embarassing to ask for money, but I also think that the time and effort which goes into this site warrants some support now and then. As of today, having gotten the idea from the great Brookston Beer Bulletin (Jay Brooks pointed me to the WordPress Plugin), I will automatically include a small reminder that you can, or certain cannot, occasionally remember your aging bartender and be done with it.

It still leaves me kinda squeamish but at least not so brashly overt.

And this is the last we shall talk about all that.

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