When titans clash.

This guy does not like Lew Bryson very much but he does not know he does not like Lew Bryson very much because he thinks that a reader of his blog wrote what Lew Bryson wrote but in fact that reader copied something that Lew Bryson wrote and posted it as a comment on Facebook.

And may I never have to type “Lew Bryson” so many times in a matter of a few seconds again. That sort of thing can be psychologically damaging.

It all started when he-whose-name-shall-not-be-typed-again took exception to this bit of foolishness:

Pike describes this as a “session beer” and, despite my stated aversion to the idea of sessioning (which I refer to as “drinking too much”), it’s just a glorious beer for anyone who wants more than one of the same.

In any case, while the error might be somewhat excusable (Facebook is a regular treasure trove of re-posted posts), it cannot help but make the guy, name of Steve Body, look a bit silly. Add to that what appears to be a profound misunderstanding of what a “session” is (Martyn Cornell tries to straighten that out in the “comments,” but I suspect that is a lost cause).

All this should be providing to great fun for the rest of us (if only it were a BeerAdvocate thread, it might render some of us helplessly laughing while rolling on the floor) but, alas, it appears to be unfolding only on Facebook and in private email messages….

Oh wait.

Stephen Beaumont just entered the fray and, god love him, did so online. There is hope.

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