This is the sort of conundrum that keeps Richard Ruch tossing & turning on his barstool all night long.

He had no horse in this race, but now…?

The man who hates Lew Bryson and those terrible awful no-good session binge drinkers really likes Victory Prima Pils.

Victory “Prima” Pils is, for my shekels, the best American pilsner you’ll ever find. It’s emphatic but not at all out-of-scale to its Euro ancestors. It has maybe the most perfect (for me, anyway) balance of malt and hops of any pilsner I’ve ever tasted, and is laughably refreshing, knocking down the savage thirst in cascades of subtle grain, faint spice, yellow apple, and honey notes. I’ve even had it warm (camping, forgot to put ice in the cooler) and it was still jazzy and interesting and still counter-intuitively refreshing, even at 70 degrees. Victory is just simply a fine and consistent brewery and whatever they make shows the mark of great care and skill, from this lightest lager to their amazing, mammoth “Storm King” Stout. If you’ve never had Prima and you habitually drink any of the BudMillerCoorsPabst garbage, TRY THIS. It goes to show what the mega-breweries could do if they ever, for a moment, valued beer over dollars.

Heroes used to be easier to come by when Richard was young. You picked either the cowboys or the Indians and went with it.

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