Union Victory Barrel Works.

His Universal Spaminator apparently broken last night, Richard Ruch was reduced to emailing actual useful information to the millions of hapless souls trapped on his mailing list. It was, astonishingly enough, about something happening at some obscure brewery in Downingtown:

Well, after a recent trip to Germany by Ron Barchet, Scott Dietrich and Dave Sippel, they agreed it’s time to establish a new tradition at Victorythe Friday Wooden Barrel. So, starting this Friday, until Dave decides differently, a 30-liter wooden barrel of unfiltered lager/pilsner beer will be tapped at 5:00PM.

So, this Friday the 21st, Dave will be tapping an unfiltered version of Prima Pils. Try to guess the over/under of Prima the will not be consumed when the barrel is tapped. The wagering starts at 4 PM.

I envision a steady stream of frothing beer geeks moving up and down Rt. 113 tomorrow evening to catch both the Prima and the cask Red Fox Ale (unspiced Xmas Ale) at Sly Fox Phoenixville.

Scary, innit?

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