When Big Ones fall ill.

There was a request in the Comments section last week for an update on the promised Craft Ale House in Limerick and I did follow up, calling Big Dan, the Non-Drinking Big One, to see what he knew. I promptly lost my notes on that and forgot all about it, but the question was raised yesterday over where the kiddies play and Dan chipped right in with the same things he’d told me.

All this gives me an excuse to explain why I’ve been so silent on the mysterious ailment which has rendered Mr. Bengel beer-less for these past four weeks.

I was reluctant to comment on anyone’s serious health issues, especially after Steve, the Now Lonely Other One, suggested to me that doing so without permission would actually be breaking the law. There was also a suggestion from another quarter that Dan’s ailment was possibly psychosomatic, a sympathetic reaction to my own appendicitis difficulties, a concept which left me a bit…what’s that word you people use that I don’t understand?…ah, guilty. Plus yet another whisper in my ear that this was all a ploy to deflect some of the attention away from said appendicitis situation, which left me a bid saddened at the thought of such desperation.

Good reasons all, I presume you agree.

But now that Dan has blurted it all out hisownself here and here, I guess there is no longer any viable claim to privacy.

Let the vicious attacks and unseemly comedy begin, no holds barred.

You first.

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