My new local? Could be.

I didn’t go any of the places I planned on Friday but I sure liked the places I went.

After searching for a store I couldn’t find on Ridge Pike, I decided to not allow the trip to be an entire waste and made my first visit to the forthcoming Craft Ale House in Limerick with a bit of telephonic aid from Dan The (Reluctantly) Sober One. Damned impressive, bigger than I’d picture and with a potential outdoor seating area of which I was unaware and less than a ten minute drive from my front door. Assuming the beer and food are as good as promised, I am definitely in. I cannot see how they’ll open before January given the state of construction as seen by my untrained eye, but we shall see.

This will be the Craft Ale House website and Dan has some photos of the place taken about a week before I got there up at his site. You will notice these are all in sharp focus; that sobriety thing may have some benefits.

I’d planned to have my Repeal Day celebratory beer at Sly Fox Phoenixville but when I came across an inviting parking space right across from Iron Hill Phoenixville on the way, I changed my mind, especially since I’d been thwarted by no parking anywhere earlier in the week when wanted to stop in there to get myself a growler the incredibly good Sticke Altbier. I did just that, enjoying–really enjoying–the Imperial Russian Stout on nitro while the growler was being filled. I highly–highly–recommend your catching up with this one.

Director of brewing Mark Edelson showed up while I was at the bar (I didn’t let that ruin my day, never fear) and from him I got the skinny on the jeroboams of the imperial stout and The Cannibal Belgian-style strong pale ale that were on the shelf behind the bar. Iron Hill bought 100 jeroboams from Troegs (the ones they use for Mad Elf) and is selling them for Christmas. Great, if pricy ($100) gifts. Mark also said that the Tripel Bock is selling fast (despite those annoying 3-D labels) and that he expected the same for the limited release Lambics (the first release of these were at the Wilmington location yesterday and the second will be in Media next Saturday).

A Housekeeping Note (in defense of me): Mark and I, of course, discussed the fouled-up caption under the photo of Iron Hill’s GABF medalists in the current issue of Celebrator Beer News (about which I wrote and castigated myself here). In the process, I discovered that the caption is in fact correct under a similar photo in Mid-Atlantic Brewing News and, since I noted in that original post that I had sent in a correction to CBN well before publication, I hereby withdraw all that castigation stuff.

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