Tomorrow is just a dream away.

I probably quote from Craft Business Daily more than is seemly, but the following appeared a few days back and that assuages my guilt somewhat, not to mention that I’m waiting to begin a lengthy telephone interview somewhere between 7-9pm (this freelance life is not all tea and honey, excessively high pay and free beer from everybody all the time, not matter what you think) and, you know, why not?

It seems pertinent for Pennsylvanians who dream of being able to purchase great beer at very comfortable prices just about anywhere they might want because they have been assured that once the evil PLCB has been banished forever only fine honest businessmen with the customer’s needs and best interests at heart at all times will ever sell beer again from convenient locations everywhere manned by knowledgeable and eager persons who really, really care.

Here’s the background: Sunoco, an evil oil company who is not your friend except in this instance, instituted a pilot growler-filling program at 12 of its Buffalo-area APlus Convenience stores recently and spokesperson Joe McGinn told CBD editor Jenn Litz how it’s going.

“I couldn’t provide any specific sales data, but in terms of how it’s playing out, when we’re talking about word of mouth, anecdotally – we have customers come in to our APlus locations and specifically ask about where the growlers were, where the Craft Brew Exchange was, cause they’d heard about it from a friend or family member. That’s happened a number of times at various different sites. So there’s specific interest there just for growlers, and of course you have other customers who might be frequenters of, say, Aplus for coffee, and decide to purchase growlers or another other craft beer offering. Because in addition to growlers, we also have other craft beer offerings and packaged products, bottles and cans. And we have a “pick your six pack” for $9.99. And that way you can try a few different beers and see if you like them before you buy a case … “

ON THE SCOPE OF THE CRAFT BEER EXCHANGE INITIATIVE. “As part of this Craft Beer Exchange we’ve upped our game in all of our craft beer offerings [including more brands; Joe mentioned carrying bottles and cans from brands like Great Lakes to Troegs and locals like Buffalo’s Flying Bison]. The whole program has been successful in this first month…”

So there it is. Soon this will be our world because it’s only fair.

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