The Quotable Me.

Two pretty good comments I wrote last century about two of my most favoritest craft beer pubs (two of the earliest such in the region) continue to thrive on the web and–as I was reminded this week–in emails and other promotional efforts.

I am famous forever.

Or until Bryson writes something better (I awaken nervous every morning and run and check the internets to see. so far so good).

Dave Wilby sent out an email a couple of days ago about next Saturday’s Dawson Street Pub 20th Anniversary Celebration and recalls this ancient promise (which I still adhere to because, like they say, you never forget your first):

I christened Dawson Street the “World’s Greatest Bar” back in the day. That was another time and I was someone very different but I’ve never changed my mind. It was my first true “local.”

And the irrepressible Scoats has had this one on the Grey Lodge’s Friday the Firkinteenth page just about as long as there has been a Friday the Firkinteenth page:

This whole thing makes no sense whatsoever. It’s totally random because the timing is entirely at the mercy of the calendar. It’s held in this tiny neighborhood bar in Northeast Philadelphia, an area which is not exactly your mecca for great beer. Yet virtually every brewer within shouting distance would kill to be a part of it and people come from all over to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and hope they can get a beer from bartenders who are incredibly overworked. Scoats is either a genius or an idiot savant, I can’t decide which. But God bless him.

I’ve pretty much settled on idiot savant, how about you?

If my sparkling prose isn’t enough to get you to make a visit to these two classic old dive-bars-turned-beer-bars, consider this. Dawson Street has undergone a major refurbishing this year (and if I can ever get there when the damned place is open, I’ll relish seeing it) and there are three, count ’em, three Firkinteenths in 2009.

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