Cleary confused or confoundedly clever? Or am I perhaps just stupid? [AN APOLOGETIC UPDATE]


The entire premise of the posting below is that Berkun’s Finger went on tap Thursday night at Earth, Bread + Brewery when the Dubbel kicked. As Mr. Baker points out in the Comments section, my sample was from the fermenter (and my sample of the Dubbel itself was from the final sputtering pour from the tap). I thought the Porter, next to go on, did so Thursday but, in truth, I never actually looked and now have been shown to be wrong.

It appears it is not Mr. Ruch whose mental state needs be made fun of here. I’d be embarrassed if I had any class. Instead, I’ll just buy him a beer.


I told you all yesterday that Berkun’s Finger is really NOT a Perkuno’s Hammer clone and now brewer Tom Baker has said essentially the same thing in this BeerAdvocate thread.

It’s nice to have verification, but that’s not why I bring up the exchange.

In fact, I am concerned about the elderly gentleman who started the thread (we older folks worry about one another).

Did he really forget that he was at Earth, Bread + Brewery two night earlier–on Thursday evening when Berkun’s Finger was on tap–and only discover this fact on Saturday?

Was he not paying attention at all during his visit?

The latter possibility seems unlikely and the first raises a disturbing question: Is this the first sad sign of serious mental deterioration?

What other explanation could there be?

Your suggestions are welcome, if only to quiet a growing suspicion among our cynical staff.

There may even be a prize for whomever provides the best answer.

Or not (we older folks are cantankerous too).

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