For what it’s worth…

…a news report this week on the Fox TV station in Philadelphia claims that  privatizing the way liquor is sold in Pennsylvania may not deliver what most people expect it to and further suggests that most of the people who say they favor privatization probably really mean they want the way beer is sold to change but that is  highly unlikely to happen even if the PLCB stores are sold off.

The money quotes:

[I]f you’re expecting more convenience, better selection and lower prices anytime soon, you’re likely to be disappointed.

The term “privatization” has become a buzzword, loaded with lots of promises, that may never be kept…

[ … ]

The problem is the bill doesn’t loosen store hours, wouldn’t significantly add to the number of outlets in Philadelphia and cannot guarantee lower prices.


[Philadelphia Republican John Taylor] says most folks are thinking beer when they talk about improving the system. But, he says, a complex web of interests keeps things just as they are, just as they have been for decades.

“So if you make a beer distributor defunct because you change the rules- because now you can buy it in grocery stores- what are you going to do with that person’s license, his livelihood, his fifteen employees or whatever. That’s not to say that it can’t be done,” Taylor says. “But it’s a heavy lift in terms of the problems that it causes.”

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