New Standard standards and other things I learned this week.

A beer from outside the Philadelphia region will be served at the Standard Tap for the first time ever on Christmas Eve when a firkin of Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout aged in a Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey barrel is tapped. It’s a one-time thing, says William Reed, set up by an Oskar Blues sales rep who is apparently very good at what he does and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The Tap was making it a surprise by ace flack and good buddy  Marty Jones let the cat out of the proverbial bag in this post on BeerAdvocate.

That same Oskar rep, while visited the Khyber, snuck over and replaced a Sly FoX can in the bar’s display area with one of his own. I think I like this guy.

There are plans underway for a Tria class on canned beers in 2009, with representatives from Oskar Blues and Sly Fox. Food fight?

Belgium comes to West Chester, the popular annual big beer bash (at which I embarrassed myself entirely last year) will take place at Iron Hill West Chester on January 24. Who’s driving?

While Friday the Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge hardly needs the help, the first of three of them in 2009 falls on the second Friday of Philly Beer Week. Scoats says he will try and bring in some surprise kegs to make it a bigger deal than ever and that, along those lines, the fun will start at 9am that day (this took a bit of browbeating last night, you can thank me later).

The new Wegmans in Collegeville will have draught beer and table service (the same thing will happen in Downingtown soon after, if not at the same time). Wegmans has a history of supporting local beers so this is going to be good news for some locals. What it will mean for retail beer stores is open to question at this point; I argue it is, on balance,helpful because people will be more willing to buy cases of beers they’ve already tried, others I’ve talked to are not so sure.

What is Gang Aft Agley Gone Astray? Only Tim Ohst knows. Well, and me, but I’m sworn to hint and to intrigue but not to reveal. It’s a tough gig, but what can you do?

If Mashington had done his job, by the way, I’d have more news you can use.

Just sayin’…

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