Craft Ale House set to open.

I swung by the Craft Ale House in Limerick this morning on my way to rectifying a Christmas gift error so egregious and stupid it shall never be revealed, and caught up with Melissa, the distaff side of ownership. Hubby Gary was off at Sly Fox Royersford to pick up some spent grain for making bread.

Making bread? Wait. Could that mean…

Yes, it does.

Following a “soft” friends and family weekend (and no, you’re not invited unless you;’re invited, and you’re not), and assuming that a final PLCB inspection goes well today, the Craft Ale House will open its doors on Monday, December 29. The schedule will be Monday-Saturday, lunch and dinner. I’m hoping for a call from Gary later today with a list of at least some of the opening day beers.

There will be roughly 50 seats in the room, plus the stools at the lovely bar, which has 16 taps mounted behind it.  There’s a terrace outside as well. This place has a chance to be stunning when everything is finally finished and, if the staff is top-notch, will likely be the most attractive and comfortable craft destination in the area. It’s that impressive at this point.

Allow me to confess that I do sometimes feel guilty about all the outstanding beer destinations within an easy drive of my digs. Add the Craft Ale House into the mix (and it’s so damned close!) and I might have to resort to wearing a cilice and beating myself about the head and shoulders regularly to sooth my conscience.

Oh, okay. Probably not.

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