Photographic proof.

The three amigos behind yesterday’s SPCA fund-raising event out in front of the Beer Yard pose for the Liquid Diet cameras. Well, Andy Dickerson of Teresa’s Next Door (left) and Nick Johnson of Tröegs Brewing (right) pose; Matt Guyer,  proprietor of the fine establishment where all this happened, actually looks more like he’s planning to make a run for it.

It was a fine afternoon with many familiar faces in the crowd (not all of them canine). Among them was Bryan Kolesar, the Brew Lounge guy. He used some of the vast fortune he is accumulating while writing for the Moonies to buy himself a real camera and took the photo at the right. Not only does it show that, as is my wont, I immediately fell in with bad companions, Tracy  Mulligan and some Big One so large that he had to stoop down to get in the picture.  That picture is, in my opinion at least, about as good a photo extant of me during these declining years. Thus I gave in to personal vanity and broke my semi-rule about not cluttering up this space with photos of management.

I took Buddy along with me (of course) and for you Buddy fans (as he calls you, “my legion of despair”), I have posted a photographic account of his ill-fated venture into romance during the afternoon over at the Mermaids site.  There’s also another Kolesar photo over there with me in it, one of the few existing in which Buddy and I appear together. Vanity is clearly rampant at this point…

Buddy and I will be at the Kan Jam Tournament this afternoon. Hope to see you there.  Or not. Whatever.

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