Sly Fox KanJam 2011.

I was there yesterday for an hour or two and brought Buddy along, which was probably not the best idea. For one thing, it was his second major culture shock in less than 24 hours, the first one being surrounded by more canine brethren than he’d ever imagined at the Beer Yard on Saturday; the second being the only dog in sight at these crazy goings-on which featured human things tossing whirling disks in the air and jumping up and down and screaming.

And never mind his problems, I was trying to take action photos of a widespread field of competitors on multiple courts while clinging to a dog leash which had at its other end a determined effort to reach the grass and shady hillside at the far end of the competitive area. I basically just stuck the camera up in the air and clicked the shutter (do they still call it that?) and hoped for the best.

The photo above of two competitors at the event was sent to me by John Vaccarelli, who was driving by, stopped to snap a few pix and then went on his way to another engagement. What a guy.

I had to leave well before the finish and left my camera behind in the hands of Todd Palmer, a decision which might be questionable on many levels, so that he could get some pix of the winners. I assume the photo below, which is currently on the Sly Fox Facebook page, was taken with said camera and thus claim it as my own (sorta).

This is the caption which runs with the photo:

16 teams entered, one came out on top. Here are the winners of the very first, day long Sly Fox KanJam tournament…
2nd Place: Prime Time and Show Time
3rd Place: White Swans

From what I saw while I was there, I can say with near certitude that Mint Beer Jammers are the two guys in the center in orange and black. They were amazing to watch and, unless I have been misinformed, were also the winners of the Fox KanJam Party at the Four Seasons during Philly Beer Week.

What else? The team up of Bryan Kolesar and Nick Johnson, each of whom was a member of teams wich did well at the Four Seasons was…interesting, as was the one formed by Palmer and brewmaster Brian O’Reilly (The Ineligibles, since they could not legally win the tournament because of their affiliations with the sponsor). O’Reilly did have one shining moment when he got a “Instant Win,” which happens when the frisbee thrown goes directly into the barrel at the other end without any assistance from the teammate stationed there. I am pretty sure we will all hear about this often in coming weeks.

Corey Reid did fine work as chief official and event announcer and Doc Giannopolous celebrated his 80th birthday. The latter was surely the more difficult and notable accomplishment but let’s give both a shout-out.

The first annual Cantacular Person of the Year awards were presented during a break in the action and went to the website. Runners-up, in order, were the KanJam game itself, Philadelphia’s Memphis Taproom and Peggy, the three-legged winner of the 2011 Goat Race. “Person” is obviously interpreted quite loosely for the purposes of this award. Details on all the winners can be found here.

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