Downingtown without the angst.

Victory’s bar was so crowded this afternoon that Richard Ruch couldn’t get in. Either that, or he’s noticed the No Reprobates Allowed! signs that Bill and Ron have been posting as the new year approaches.

I stopped in around 2:30 to get a growler fill (Idyll Ale) and, I thought, have a pint or two at the bar, not anticipating the “day after” crowd that had the place jumping. As it turned out, I was able to slip in amongst the horde with surprising ease, get the growler done and a grab a pint of Yakima Twilight (my first and impressed I was), then hang back by the wall and take some photos (part of reason for being there, for a print story).

A good, fast hit and the Idyll should go right well with the Tuna Steak and spicy rice combo I have planned for dinner.

And I expect I’ll see Richard as one of the first customers at the Craft Ale House Monday; I owe him a pint.

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