Is this what they call a deafening silence? [Updated]

Famous Facebook personality Lew Bryson yesterday offered his social media followers the opportunity to witness an experiment to be performed while he was doing an appearance at The Farmer’s Cabinet in Philadelphia. It was designed to bolster his well-known advocacy for low-alcohol beers.

Bryson posted his zero Blood Alcohol Content (the legal measurement for drunkeness) as recorded by his personal breathalyzer and a listing of the first three beers he consumed an hour or so into the event. He promised he would then post his  final BAC at the end of the afternoon.

He didn’t do that.

Nearly 24 hours later, he still hasn’t.

There are several possibilities here. He just plain forgot. His phone battery went dead. He in no way wants to make the reading public because it would seriously undermine a really good gig he has going. The owners of The Farmer’s Cabinet suddenly shut the doors and headed for hills a few steps ahead of bill collectors, concluding the experiment prematurely. He ended up staggeringly drunk and slept in his car. He was arrested driving home and has been sworn to silence by his high-powered lawyer.

Only one notable crank has even raised a question about the lack of follow-through at this point, but that  might tell us more about  how effective Facebook et al really are in terms of ongoing storylines than about this particular situation.

‘One thing is clear: ’tis a puzzlement.

Update:  It would be presumptuous of me to claim any credit, but shortly after this post went live, Our Hero posted on Facebook: “My tally at the end of yesterday’s session at Farmer’s Cabinet: 0.02 BAC after 5 beers in 2.5 hours.”

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