There’s Good ‘n Evil coming our way.

That’s pretty much always the case, innit?  In this instance, though, it’s all good. Check out the Evil Genius Beer Company blog for the details.

If you’re not familiar with the story, founders Trevor Hayward and Luke Bowen, who met in grad school at Villanova, have spent at least two years (by my count) trying to get their brewery up and running and finally settled on having it contract brewed at Four Horsemen Brewing Company in South Bend (even though that location is sullied by the presence of that self-important university the name of which I can never remember). The first Evil Genius beer, Good ‘n Evil, a 5.5% “German-style ale,” debuted in South Bend last Friday and now…

We’re now on our way back to Pennsylvania, the beer following us close behind. It will arrive to our wholesaler, Origlio Beverage on Thursday, and soon after will start shipping out to bars around the Philadelphia city and suburbs. Luke and I will be meeting with bars very soon to sell Good ‘n Evil, so to our Philly fans, expect to see beer VERY soon. We haven’t confirmed specific locations yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll be posting it here, so check back often!

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