Quick thoughts about several beers.

The following is written from some loosely constructed notes that are as much as two weeks old and all rather sketchy. I’m sure I had some detailed and important perspectives to add each time I typed each one into a text file . Now, not so much.

The beers I was sent as samples by Delaware’s 16 Mile Brewing are not going to send crazed beer geeks into a frenzy, and that’s a good thing. These are solid, tasty brews which are  a tad on the far side of sessionable at 6% or thereabouts. Geeks might find the Inlet IPA which, although described as a British interpretation, has a hop bite and finish more in line with the American version., the most praiseworthy of the bunch. Then again, geeks pretty much find IPAs the most praiseworthy of any bunch.

Sierra Nevada rep Patrick Mullin is old reliable when it comes to making sure I get the brewery’s latest to try.  The Ovila Saison (7%) is a spicy rendition with a quite nice dry and peppery finish. Perhaps a little sweet for my tastes.  Life & Limb, the collaborative brew with Dogfish Head,  is back for a a second go-round and, my impression was it’s a bit more balanced than the first.  Given that it comes in 10.2%, I thought that the alcohol  delivered with admirable restraint. A nice, warming beer.

Sometimes I go out and buy beer. Try to restrain your amazement. I had Brooklyn Sorachi Ace several nights back as a result of one of those times. This was, hard to believe, the first time, despite Saisons being my the heart of my heart when it comes to beer styles  and the great things I’ve heard about it. It definitely lived up to its rep, a complex and fruity brew with a funky Brett undertone.  Great nose, solid dry finish (this is where the hops shine, and, at 7.6%, a nice accompaniment to a chicken, rice and salad dinner.

I also grabbed a bottle of Fegley BrewWorks Space Monkey, another Saison, this one a 7%-er brewed with raspberry juice. There’s a definite raspberry nose and hint of raspberry red in the pour. Quite tart, with some underlying pepper notes. Interesting and enjoyable but perhaps not as Saison-y as might be expected.

Tröegs Perpetual IPA is a tricky little devil, the “IPA” signifying  that it is an Imperial Pale Ale rather than an India Pale Ale.  By any name, it poured beautifully with an appealing white head and big nose redolent of citrus hops. Big, bold and balanced us what my notes say.

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