“Most judges would not know a good beer if it kicked them in the ass.”

That’s a quote from this article, which is all about how New Belgium, Odell and other breweries in Ft. Collins and environs are psyched about the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this weekend and will participate in the industry party and expect lots of visitors to come to Fort Collins as well.

One local brewer is not exactly on board with that:

Peter Villeneuve, owner of Loveland’s Big Beaver Brewing Co. said he has no plans to attend the event because his business model doesn’t justify the effort and expense.

Villeneuve said most of his customers walk to Big Beaver, so to give away $2,500 worth of beer and other incentives at the national event is not worth the modest return.

“My model does not require recognition in other states or outside of my ZIP code,” he said. “It is based on a community … (GABF) is a drunken frat party.”

Aside from showcasing beers to the public, Villeneuve also scoffed at the judging side of the event.

“Most judges would not know a good beer if it kicked them in the ass,” he said. “I would not serve most beers they award to my dog.”

I generally get to Ft. Collins when I go to GABF and, gotta tell you, I’d definitely seek that guy out and chat him up.

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