If you like this sort of thing…

…this is likely the sort of thing you’ll like (that is a formulation I use all too often and probably I will stop doing so–or maybe not, ’cause it works so well).

33 Books is a series of tasting notebooks that a beer blogger named Dave Selden developed after he attended the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. I’ll let him explain:

I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of beers available, and my notes for a blog post quickly became unintelligible. I never wrote that blog post, but I did come back to Portland and develop a pocket-sized book that makes beer note-taking a quick and painless task. The books have sold almost 75,000 copies to beer lovers around the world, and are currently for sale in more than 30 US states and on at least three continents.

He just sent me samples and, as you can see, he’s clearly expanded the concept to that other stuff as well. This is is an interior page spread so you can see how it all works. Each book, by the way, uses beer/whiskey/wine-colored ink into which a few drops of a selected product. For the beer edition, it is an “Oregon-brewed India Pale Ale.”

Out there, I believe they call that a “session beer.”


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