A Panacea is not a Placebo. Or is it?

Sly Fox is introducing a new, very limited availability small beer (in the tanks at this point) called Placebo. It’s made from the second runnings of Panacea, their barleywine. It is, or will be, a cask-only beer.

Credit the clever name, which plays perfectly off that of the brew’s big brother, to Tim Ohst. Wish I’d thought of that.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here why Panacea is not about to come out in 22oz bottles like I was happily claiming last summer. Turns out you can get Blithering Idiot past the liquor control board, but not Panacea. Go figure.

Along those same lines, I had to spend some time today removing the world “strong” from several beer descriptions on the Sly Fox website because you can’t say that either.

How come Bryson hasn’t gotten rid of these people yet? Guy wants to be a senator, he ought to be out there doing something for the peeps, am I right?

Finally, if you’re not a subscriber, be advised that a new Sly Fox Newsletter is now online, with news about the New Adventures of Corey Reid Super-Star.

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