Spending less and drinking better.

A slightly different perspective on why good beer (and similar craft-y products) are going strong despite the godawful economy:

As Americans eat out less, we’re willing to spend more for variety, convenience—maybe even health. The seemingly endless flavors, textures, and shapes of Greek yogurt, artisanal cheese, and craft beer make us feel like we’re choosing from a new menu each time we go to the store—while we spend less time choosing from actual menus.

The “eat out less” bit is a contributory factor in why so many brewpubs seem to be embracing packaging of late…

…which is, as it turns out, the focus of the big story I was all messed up on yesterday. As of now, happily, I have 1200 or so apparently usable words on paper the screen, halfway home for the Thursday deadline, and I am feeling more like me again.

Also, the Double Bastard Ale was just the ticket to wipe away the gloom.

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