Patrick Mullin joins Sly Fox.

Received from Patrick via email this morning:

I have resigned my position as Area Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  After taking a little personal time off, I will begin my new job in January as Director of Sales for Sly Fox Brewing Company.

I am extraordinarily grateful that I have had the opportunity to work for a world class organization like Sierra Nevada. They are an exemplary employer, corporate citizen, and environmental steward. I’m fortunate to work in a segment of the beer industry that allows and even encourages praise and camaraderie amongst its many diverse producers. I have always been and will remain a dedicated consumer and strong vocal supporter of Sierra Nevada. 

My new position at Sly Fox will allow me to further my personal development by experiencing the challenges of directing the growth of a promising, smaller producer. As I’m sure you are aware, I’ve been a fan of Brian O’Reilly’s beers since his time at New Road and the Giannopoulos family has treated me wonderfully since my early days managing The Drafting Room.  I look forward to helping them grow into their new facility.

I can’t wait.

 What a spectacular hire–and a real coup in the wake of long-time rep Suzy Woods moving on to Allagash recently. Patrick joins Corey Reid representing the Fox as it gets ready to open the big new Pottstown brewery and will surely be looking to expand its sales footprint  in 2012.

 NOTE: there are some further details about Patrick’s career in a story I just posted at the Beer Yard site.


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