Now this is what I call a beer sample.

I have to admit I was stunned when this Dundee seasonal 12-pack arrived on the doorstep two weeks (or thereabouts) ago. That’s a lot of beer, the most I’ve ever received from a single brewery for sampling. Honestly, it’s a lot better than a single bottle (a single 12oz bottle for sure) because it offers a broader time span and more options for trying the beers. I also understand this kind of largesse is beyond the scope of most breweries.

I had all four during a single evening first time around, with no food accompaniment. The other three bottles of each were consumed over the intervening days and nights, sometimes with a meal, sometimes not. All of them were pleasant, enjoyable brews in each context. The India Pale Ale was (nicely) a bit hoppier than I’d expected from Dundee. The Porter had a nice rich flavor with a noticeable chocolately finish. Nut Brown Ale and English-Style Ale were a bit sweeter than I’d prefer, but not objectionably so, and they had the solid sort of malt backgrounds  (as did the first two) which plays to my tastes.

These are not beers that dedicated craft aficionados are going to seek out and I can understand that. Nonetheless, I suggest you not pass up a chance to give any of them a try if the opportunity presents itself.  Any of them would be excellent for introducing the concept of “flavor” into the world of your Coors Light friends.

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