Do not repeat. I repeat, do not repeat.

I haven’t had much to say about our pals at Memphis Taproom lately, have I? That’s just not right. How’s about we rectify that with this little snippet from Leigh’s email I just received with some details about Brendan’s inspired concept for Philly Beer Week:

In honor of the upcoming 2009 Philly Beer Week, Memphis Taproom will be hosting a NO REPEAT Beer Week! Starting Saturday, March 7, Memphis Taproom will pour non stop new and unique beers on tap. With NO REPEATS, all week! When one keg kicks, that’s it, something new will follow it! It’s our goal to tap 100 unique beers in just one week.Throughout NO REPEAT Beer Week expect the likes of Weyerbacher 13, Dogfish Head Red & White, Ommegang Rouge, Allagash Interlude and a slew of Sly Fox one-offs.

Actually, I first heard about this yesterday from Tim Ohst when I stopped in at Sly Fox Phoenixville. He says Brendan is looking for ten, count ’em ten, kegs from them and they already have seven lined up.

This reminds me, as if I needed it, that my life is seriously incomplete because I still haven’t found the time to get down to Local 44. I am so ashamed.

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