I don’t understand how they do that.

I read this on a site called The Reality Based Community

Yet the relationship between the price of alcohol and the rate of assault, including spousal assault, is well-documented in the literature. Doubling the tax on beer (from a dime to twenty cents a can) would reduce the assault rate by at least 5%, and maybe as much as 20%.

…and I don’t see how“the literature” could ever determine a relationship between beer prices and assaults, spousal or otherwise. Beer consumption, okay I could see they could maybe come up with figures to argue that, but prices?

Then again, I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about statistical science either.

I bring this up because I truly am befuddled, not because I’m inclined to shout and rave mindlessly every time there is a proposal for higher taxes on beer or spirits. I’m not.

From what I’ve read of late, however, I could be talked into accepting that the drinking communities have dodged that bullet for so long that it may be time, given the economic state of things, to bite it—assuming any increases are reasonable and defensible and also part of an overall tax program, not just a hit on an easy target.

I’m sure somebody will explain to me why I’m misguided.

NOTE: When I tried to register on the site so I could ask for more information in the Comments section, I was unable to do so.

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