Best beer-drinking city. The clues are everywhere…

From Natalie Cilurzo’s Russian River Brewing blog this morning:

Consecration will be released on February 2nd on draught and in 750ml bottles at our pub and limited distribution in No. California.  Starting that week, we will also distribute bottles and kegs to Southern California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Philadelphia.  We can’t tell you exactly where it will be, but it will be extremely limited…

Pliny the Younger will also be released on February 2nd on draft only.  It will be available at our pub, select accounts in the Bay Area, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Philadelphia.  This beer is not bottled but is available for purchase in 1/2 gallon growlers at our pub ONLY.  And we do not ship growlers.  This beer may only be consumed at our pub, from growlers purchased at our pub,  or by the glass at one of our accounts in the aforementioned markets. I had it for breakfast this morning and, oh my goodness, it is quite tasty!

What name does not belong on those distribution lists? Well, it definitely belongs, but which is the most improbable, geographically speaking, and therefore indicative of something far greater than evident to the casual reader.

Don’t make me have to tell you.

Just like I really don’t have to tell you which is America’s Best Beer-Drinking City.

My pal Bill Brand made a valiant effort a few days ago to sustain an argument for San Francisco, which has its own beer week celebration coming up February 6-15 (you will note that they even copies the days of the month), but read through to the end and you’ll find that he eventually offers an 0live branch.

Why don’t they just call it America’s Original Beer-Drinking City as has been proposed somewhere or other and be done with it? Ain’t nobody gonna argue with that…plus they will save themselves all the agita of competing with the One and Only.

They do have us beaten on one point: they will  be celebrating the (I assume) retirement of that awful Beerapalooza name.


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