Good timing for a wandering scribe.

I was in the neighborhood and stopped by Drafting Room Exton a couple of hours ago. I was a bit taken aback by all the missing tap handles when I walked in the door, but then, looking at the signage above the tower, I realized that there is a big Nugget Nectar Promo there tonight.

The taps were down so the featured beers of the evening could be put on as the time grows nigh. Plus Nick Johnson will be there and, you know, he breaks things, so you put away all the good furniture and trinkets.

I comforted myself with Victory’s Uncle Teddie’s Bitter on the handpump (listed as  Porter on the chalkboard) and Stoudt’s Smooth Hoperator. Aldo had a taste of Brooklyn’s Blunderbuss Old Ale and I gotta tell you, need me some of that sometime when somebody else is driving. Delicious, I thought, based on what was, granted, just a sample glass taste. 8.2% and both the nose and the initial sips tell you that very clearly .

Bernie, the Stockertown sales rep I met at Craft Ale House last week came in while I was there, to borrow some tap markers for the Lancaster Promo, also tonight, at Capone’s. We chatted about various things, most Philly Beer Week related. Then Howard Weintraub arrived and said those magic words, “the first one is always on me.”

All that, plus the pretzel bits in bowls on the bar which I can’t ever have too many of, made for a fine afternoon.

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