Cartoon fun (plus, did somebody move the furniture around in here?).

For those of you who also followed The Dubya Chronicles, the cartoon series by Rob Davis and me which ran from January 20, 2001 through January 20, 2009 (what history will refer to as The Dark Ages, Part Two), be advised that, as of today, the site is featuring a weekly cartoon (or two) from the archives so that you can relive the horror one more once if so inclined.

To replace that weekly effort (no rest for the unwary weary), Rob & I today introduce Outside Looking In, a new cartoon series to run at my other blog, I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing. This one will appear roughly weekly, but on no set day, and will depend on when we have the time and inspiration to comment. It will be archived at Mermaids as well so you can see the whole series whenever.

You might have noticed, depending on how much beer you’ve had already today, that the look of things around here has changed. I was trying to add a requested feature (no luck so far) and, after trying this design, in the process decided I like it enough to keep it.

For now. A foolish consistency and all that….

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