A very good cause.

This story at Brookston Beer Bulletin is terrible news which I missed last week because I’m way behind on visiting my favorite beer blogs. Many thanks to Ric Hoffman of Stewart’s Brewing for bringing this to my, and your, attention. Please go read and then come back here.

I’ve never met Danny Williams in person, but I did interview him by phone in December 2009 (which I wrote about here) and found him to be helpful and engaging, a fun guy to talk to. The focus of the interview was on his job as the Brewers Association  “beer manager” for both GABF and World Cup submissions, but of course we also talked a lot about his  beer cellar in an old gold mine  The New York Times story about that can be found here.

As you can see in Jay’s story (and confirmed in Ric’s email to me last night), Danny Williams is one of those behind-the-scenes guys who have helped carry the craft brewing revolution along without much praise or public attention. He was an invaluable resource for the brewing community, a man doing what he loved.

And now he needs our help.

A “Danny Williams Fund” has been created at First Bank in Boulder, Colo. for businesses and breweries who are able and want to make a substantial contribution to help Danny and his family. Please contact Jay directly for more information about that. For everyone else, I have copied the link below from Jay’s site for your convenience. Just click and go directly to PayPal,  fill in any amount you wish and follow the on-screen instructions. Every  contribution, no matter how small, can only help.


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